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“…best builder in the community!”

“When we decided to build our new home in the Golden Eagle subdivision of Killearn Lakes, we knew that you would be our first choice as a contractor. Your attention to detail during the design process and the quality of your work during construction convinced us that we had been right and made a world of difference.

“That difference is obvious in the quality of the finished product. Throughout the whole experience, your suggestions and ideas helped us make much better decisions about our new house. Through regular communication and repeated meetings at the construction site, you kept us marvelously informed of progress and your concern with even minor details that could have affected the quality of the result was very impressive.

“Once we moved into the new house, we realized the importance of all of those adjustments and changes that had to be carried out during construction. They turned a good job into an outstanding one. If it were up to us, we would vote you best builder in the community! We get a lot of compliments now from friends and neighbors who have come to visit us in our new home, plus some who just pass by on the street.

“Overall, constructing a new home under your guidance was both a pleasant and rewarding experience and we are very proud of the result. Be sure to list us as references for any clients you may be prospecting in the future.”

Airomloo Family

“We truly could not have asked for more during this entire process…”

“We were impressed with the overall creativity and craftsmanship that went into the construction of our homes. Each home was unique and designed to our specifications and the finished product far exceeded our expectations. We appreciate the open mind that you showed to all our demands during the building process. We were able to customize our home the way we really wanted while staying within our budget.

“We would just like to say thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did while building our home. We truly could not have asked for more during this entire process and greatly appreciate all of your patience and hard work. You gave great guidance and advice that we do not think we would have gotten elsewhere and we will recommend you to anyone who asks in the future.”

Conner Family

“With pride I tell people I bought a Persica home.”

“Buy a house, a single family house with a yard no less! Not me. I am 65 with a town home in Jupiter, Florida – downsize time. Of course I accompanied my friend on her search for a Tallahassee home, but my checkbook was safe… until I walked into the Persica house on Carthage Lane. Everything about the house melded together to create an impression of spaciousness and beauty. High ceilings, crown molding, French doors, recessed lighting, trey ceilings, hardwood floors, tiles floors, fireplace — obviously, I could go on and on. I was captivated.

“I returned with a more practical eye and was impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Then I met you, Masoud, and I pulled out my checkbook! Your integrity and pride in your work is an added bonus. I have lived in the house for six months. Each time I call you for a house “tune-up” YOU actually answer the phone. You resolve the problem within days, sometimes hours. Never have you rolled your eyes or demeaned my concerns with a ‘forget it, it’s not important.’

“Working with you has been a pleasure, and I thank you for making a new house a joy, not a headache. With pride I tell people I bought a Persica home.”

Linda Pepper

“Masoud does what he says. He stands behind his product.”

 “I want to take a minute to praise the wonderful work ethic of Masoud Karimipour and Persica Design and Construction Company. In 1998, after much research and viewing of homes and floor plans my husband and I selected Persica to build our home. I’ve been told that building a home is one of the most difficult things to survive. I did not find that to be true. Sure we had a few unexpected bumps as any construction could be expected to have, but the overall process was smooth and the relationship with Masoud couldn’t have been better. We moved in that summer and were very happy here.

“Not long ago an issue came to light that I felt might have been an issue in an area of the original construction that had caused a problem. I called Masoud to discuss this and was simply floored when he agreed that this should have been caught when the home was built and agreed to take care of it. I never imagined that someone in the often maligned construction business would be so candid and honorable and would take responsibility for something that went back more than 10 years. “Not only does Persica build a fine home (that I enjoy to this day), but they are trustworthy and kind. Masoud does what he says. He stands behind his product. His staff are respectful and competent. Many have been with Persica for more than a decade which says a lot about what sort of employer Persica and Masoud are. He makes you believe that there are people out there that you can believe in. “I can’t recommend Persica highly enough.”

Leila Shuffler

“Your team has been great to work with and has always been there to assist us…”

 “It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 months since we moved into our new home.  We have thoroughly enjoyed it. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for several things: the quality of design and construction, your attention to detail, energy efficiency, and your willingness to make minor repairs up to one year later! Your team has been great to work with and has always been there to assist us when necessary. We would not hesitate to recommend a Persica home to anyone. Please feel free to share this letter with any potential or future homeowners of a Persica home. We wish you continued success!”

Monello Family 

“Masoud encouraged me to share my dream…”

“Every day I ask myself ‘Am I dreaming?’ That’s how incredibly happy I am in my new Persica home. For years prior to retirement, I surfed the internet for floor plans, decorator suggestions and innovative design. I selected a plan for the basics, but my list of modifications continued to grow. Was I being realistic? Would such a home ever materialize?

“As I toured Tallahassee real estate, I gradually replaced my dream with a lesser reality. Luckily the lot I chose belonged to Persica Homes, and, consequently, I met Masoud Karimipour. He encouraged me to share my dream and, most fortunately, that plan was one he would build. Not only was Masoud receptive to my modifications, but he offered excellent suggestions that culminated in the “home of my dream” (cue Susan Boyle:”I Dreamed a Dream”).

“Masoud Karimipour’s expertise, work ethic, and standard of excellence were reflected in his construction crew. Their cooperation and skill have been impressive. As I walk around my home, I hum along with Susan Boyle. Thank you, Persica Homes! Thank you, Persica Homes!

Ellen Seeman

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